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Case Study #3

The Challenge
One to One needed to develop a relocation strategy for a client who was recruiting a candidate for an executive level position within their company. Landing this specific candidate was critical to our client as this individual would be key in the development of a specific company strategy.

The Solution
One to One was involved in pre-hire activities including a pre-offer interview with the candidate to gain information specific about the relocation.  The interview served as a beneficial starting point for the talent acquisition team to understand the full scope of the candidate’s needs including home sell, desired community, new home introduction, tours, and moving.

Following our intake session, One to One put together a plan that included a confidential community tour and introduction to the city. We partnered with one of the city’s top realtors to conduct the tour, which was planned and executed to provide the most pleasurable and productive experience for the candidate and her family.  This created a venue for the candidate to experience not only a great tour, but also would provide her with a first great impression of the company. 

Positioning the tour as a VIP tour for this specific candidate became a key selling point during the recruiting process, and became the pivotal point in the candidate accepting the position. 


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