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Case Studies

The Challenge
Our client had a job candidate needing to sell their existing Denver-area home, find a home in their new city of Miami, and also move their household goods to Miami. The challenge was to pull together a specific short- and long-term relocation plan within one week, while also staying within a fairly ambitious budget assigned for the relocation cost.  The job candidate also had a very specific community in mind – one in which there were very few houses available.


The Challenge
One to One recently engaged with a client to design a fairly standard lump sum policy with parts of a traditional model.  As a concern of the account, there was an increasing cost to their relocation spend year over year with partial visibility to where the dollars were being spent. 


The Challenge
One to One needed to develop a relocation strategy for a client who was recruiting a candidate for an executive level position within their company. Landing this specific candidate was critical to our client as this individual would be key in the development of a specific company strategy.


The Challenge
One to One needed to relocate a candidate from Hong Kong to the U.S. for a short-term assignment. Timing was critical as the candidate needed to be in her now role within 30 days of accepting the position. 

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